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A Luscious November wedding at the greenpoint loft, brooklyn ny

Photography by Jay Lim Studio

November weddings can feel like a dream for a few reasons.

It's before the Holidays hit, so you haven't felt the wonderful exhaustion of seeing so many family and friends. And haven't yet prepared all the menus (we host both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve). Growing up, Christmas Eve was the night my mom would make veggies and dip, some appetizers, and call it dinner. As a kid I thought it was glorious, now as a mom I realize that she probably didn't want to deal with making dinner since there would be so much cooking going on Christmas Day. When I introduced the Christmas Eve "snacking" concept to my husband, he declared (in the nicest way possible ;) he needed "real food" and so something simple turned into a big production a....nnn....ddd I have a tendency to go overboard on things anyway, so I can't lay all the blame on him. I try to cut back...I try....I's just so much good food that I look forward to each year, I can't bear to leave anything out.

So back to the fall weddings.....They are the end of our season. Looking back it sometimes feels like a dream, creating all that beauty in a state of blissful exhaustion from all of the creativity that has poured out of you during the year, then the hustle of the Holidays, then the New Year, and you feel like you can breath again. The galleries start coming in, and you remember it wasn't a dream at all.

The Greenpoint Loft, in Brooklyn NY, is such a cool space. High ceilings, rustic industrial interior, It's really a blast to be there and flower up the place.

This was the second time I've gotten to hang things from the ceiling there and this time we had a pretty big team with us. We pre-greened the hanging designs the day before, and finished them up on site after they were hung. The declarative hubby...he and my wonderful assistant headed up hanging those babies, while the rest of the team worked on the flower photo wall/backdrop, setting up the candles, the garlands, all the other pretty floral touches, and then finishing up greening the hanging designs.

This wedding was especially beautiful to me because of my mom.

The wedding was on her birthday. She loved gardening, and working with plants and not a day goes by that I don't miss her. Flowering on her birthday felt like a wonderful way to celebrate her life.

Megan, the bride was the sweetest, and working with her and her mother, seeing their bond, reminded me of how much we should all cherish those around us who support us and lift us up. And look at the amazing couple her and her guy Steven make. They are truly a team, truly together.

And part of their happily ever after.....The bride started her own event rental company.

The bride collected items for styling her own wedding and was so inspired she poured her heart and soul into Something Taylored Rentals. In the short months after her wedding she has gotten her business up and running. Following her on instagram is so much fun, seeing her find treasures and turn them into beautiful moments to add that something special.

Romantic florals danced through a palette of white, taupe, mauve, and burgundy.

Inspired by the deep merlot velvet gowns worn by the bridesmaids, who carried lush bouquet of textured greenery.

The color palette made for a stunning photo back drop for the guests.

And I'm sure us putting a little greenery to try to dim the red fire hydrant was totally against some sort of fire code.

I love this picture of the groom and the bridesmaids!

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