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Royally Inspired

Photography by bri johnson weddings

Every wedding is a gift. Getting to meet new people, hear their story, know their families and work together to create something amazing, is such a joy. And creating a wedding inspired by the beauty of Megan and Harry's wedding, with a little Mediterranean twist was no different.

This year though, well....calling it different is an understatement. Instead of flowering, I was teaching....suddenly becoming the homeschool teacher of my 3 kids. (In my past professional life I was a High School History Teacher in West Orange NJ, to which I had friends tell me, "Oh you were a teacher, this should be easy for you" and let me tell you teaching your own kids, is nothing like teaching other peoples kids ;). All things flowers, the posting, the blogging, the designing took a back seat to my family and helping my 2020 couples transition to 2021 couples. I'm hopeful that this year will be brighter, and looking back at this September 2019 wedding, makes me smile.

Their ceremony took place at a beautiful church with a dream of an archway entrance.

The bride carried a sweet bouquet. Adding to the regal royal image without stealing the show. With even sweeter versions for her girls.

We designed the arch to be moved to the venue after the ceremony. I remember, hanging in the van waiting for guests to depart the church like some thieves in a movie, then sweeping in, getting to The Ryland, and stealthily bringing it into the reception room. The hubs carried it, and in my stories under "The Ryland" you can "see" him bouncing along with the design. The bridal party was about 20ft away...taking these pictures.

Inside, thanks to my amazing team, the stage was set for the celebration.

Hanging Gardens, Garlands, Bud Vases, created richness of designs throughout the space.

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