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Modern Boho Wedding

Photography by Asher Gardner

Pinpointing the vibe of the day....There was a freedom and a lightness that keeps bringing me back to the word boho. Not the typical pampas grass, dried palms kind of boho...The florals were clean and crisp and modern, but unconventional and free. The flowers danced, they could have easily put on a felt hat and looked amazing, the effortless lines of of Nicole's two piece gown, this is modern boho.

Like all our weddings this year it teetered back and forth. First keeping the original date and adjusting to a smaller wedding, then an even smaller wedding....then maybe outside?, then no, rescheduled...2022, then a simple ceremony for the couple and their immediate family one day off from their original date. Then, as the summer brought hope, a small party, then a bit larger party, then adding on an afterparty at the bride's mother's house. Two weeks before the wedding we were still finalizing details, but that's what the year was. Pivoting constantly, but lean in and let me share a little event ever goes exactly to plan. That is why you work with vendors you trust, who are invested in you, who are professionals. We pivoted, we adjusted, we made it work because simply put, it has to. It's our job to make it work. That's what we do. And all of this ebb and flow was orchestrated beautifully by Hill Event Co.

The palette, was unexpected and unconventional. Playing off of the fall tones, without bellowing "this is a fall affair".

Joe's pocket square spoke to Nicole's bouquet, and my favorite parts were the little Hellebore buds peeking out and the deep purple Weigela leaves.

The ceremony florals and the trees conspired, whispering to one another ever so softly. And in the light of a cloud filtered golden hour they created warmth.

The tables in the cocktail hour and reception were simply designed. Not to overshadow the future celebration to come, the one where all the guests will attend, the one where people will dance and celebrate, and hug. And, feel grateful.

As we begin 2021, we seem to be right back where we were last year, with so much uncertainty of how the spring season will play out. At least we can hold on to the moments of joy we did find in 2020 and know that even in the worst of times, a flower can find a crack in the pavement and grow.

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